The Best Summer Ever!

leemac 19th September, 2014

Our fantastic AmeriCamper Stefan, completed 9 weeks at a special needs camp in California deeming it as one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. Read on to find out more about Stefan’s adventures at summer camp America 2014 x

special needs camp

“My summer was honestly the Best summer of my life. Forget the 100 days of happiness
challenge, I did 98 Days in the USA this summer and I can’t recommend the whole
experience enough. It was a far more rewarding experience than I could ever have wished
for. The places I’ve been people I’ve met & the things I’ve done and learnt have changed me
as a person, all for the better!
My home for the summer was Camp Ronald McDonald @ Eagle Lake California. Working as
a Water specialist. The camp has a direct link to Ronald McDonald House charities north
California, who specialise is providing housing to the families of children sick in hospitals. My
camp been a part of a charity of such type meant that my camp for the summer was a little
different that you usual summer camp. My camp was mostly for specific minority groups with
a form of disability and special needs.
Varying in levels of disabilities, learning difficulty, age and background my camp catered for
all. Each week new campers would come to have a week of pure happiness at camp. One
camp was for Deaf children and their families, another dealt with people with learning
disabilities. We had a camp for the local children as well. I got to experience 9 weeks of
completely different camps, no week was the same which was pretty awesome.
#ILoveAmeriCampBecause – They changed my life, gave me the best summer ever and
they keep on giving ! #AmeriCampFamily !!!
I met people from all over the world; have friends now ranging from Arizona to Connecticut,
Oklahoma to Mexico and Back. I Got the chance to travel afterwards and got to see 3
amazing cities… San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. They are all must see to believe
places !
I wasn’t sure at first what to make of been placed at a special needs camp, I guess I was
nervous but quickly realised that my campers were the greatest people on earth. I have
never laughed so much, it was such a rewarding experience and has definitely changed my
views. ‘ Pffft ,What is a disability anyway ? , you try and tell them they can’t do something…..
Just be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor when they do it ;). I can’t recommend a special
needs camp enough, it adds that little something extra to your summer, yes its hard work but
you get out what you put in, it’s the best decision I could have made.
Choosing AmeriCamp was my smartest choice; the team is amazing, free biscuits and voted
best summer camp company 4 years in a row for a reason #FactsDontLie #FreeBiscuits

Any Questions about my trip or camp in general feel free to Email or Tweet me and I’ll help
as best I can. @stefanwhaley
[email protected]
I wish everyone applying, interviewing and of course going to camp the best of luck! Who
knows maybe I’ll see you Across the pond.

Stefan x”