When do applications close for AmeriCamp?

leemac 4th November, 2015

If we had a dollar for every time we were asked, When do applications close for AmeriCamp? Or “When is the closing date for AmeriCamp?” we would have even more biscuits to give away than we already do. So here is the bottom line because AmeriCamp said so…

If you’re thinking about applying for AmeriCamp, don’t faff about and decide to do it at the last minute, get yourself in gear and do it! The truth is when places are gone they’re gone, plus you’ll only regret it if you apply late and we hate telling amazing people it’s too late to apply.

As we write this stupendous biscuit filled blog, we’ve already #plACed applicants at camps in America for Summer 2016, and camps are as we speak currently selecting applicants while you’re waiting around wasting time! Okay we admit that if you’re eating a custard cream whilst having a cup of the finest Yorkshire tea that is also time well spent, but the key is to be organised.

If you’re thinking about doing AmeriCamp and you are umming and ahhhhing, have a look at our gallery or our Facebook page if you need a nudge in the right direction, and if you know you’re going to apply, we highly recommend applying as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Currently there are lots of positions available, and an application that is started now gets date stamped, so we know when you registered and began your application, and you’ll get priority pre-Christmas. Just remember all of this when you ask “When do applications close for AmeriCamp?”

If you’re applying to be a specialist camp counselor based on a certain set of skills the importance of an early application cannot be stressed more. The positions are limited and fill up very quickly and we hate telling people that we haven’t got any left for the role that they want. If you’re looking to be general counsellor, these positions are very competitive and a later application may result in disappointment.

cookie scene investigation  - when is closing date of applications for americamp #FreeBiscuits

We have Camp Fairs in November and January, where we get a load of camp directors together for a chat and some #FreeBiscuits and there is an opportunity to be hired on the spot by the biggest and best camps! This provides the opportunity for Camp Directors to interview you right there and then and give you an insight into the camp, and can even lead to a decision on the spot of whether you’ll be joining them for the summer of a lifetime! In order to attend you need to have completed your application and interview, so it really is advantageous to get them done.

Once interviewed, you have 28 days to submit the rest of your documents and video (Saving it as AmeriCamp 2016 on YouTube), and getting these done quickly will accelerate the process for you, as we can then pass your info onto the camps we feel are suited to your skills and preferences, so that you can get #plACed as soon as possible. We have a final deadline for applications in March if there are places left, but it is highly likely that we won’t, plus applying this late may cause issues for placement as camps will have filled up their best spots by then.

So basically, to make sure you get placed where you want doing what you want, apply now and let us get you started on the summer of a lifetime!

And that folks is the answer to “When do applications close for AmeriCamp?”