After completing AmeriCamp you will have 30 days to travel around the USA in order to end your summer with an almighty bang! Why not meet up with the AC family after camp and, stray right through the very heart of it in NY, or be dazzled by the bright lights of the notorious Las Vegas strip? We organise these trips for our AmeriCamp family so that you can all travel together, share experiences and plan your onwards journies. Who knows where, who or what you’ll stumble upon? x

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Check out our past AmeriCampers travel photos by clicking on Gallery or even get some travel inspiration from checking out our Travel Options! As an AmeriCamper you are able to travel for 30 days after camp, so you need to make the most of it and we are here to help. We also offer our legendary ‘Post AmeriCamp NY parties’, these legendary days give you the opportunity to meet even more people and catch-up with fellow AmeriCampers from your orientation, whilst seeing everything New York has to offer, such as The Empire State Building, the best pizza joints and much much more!

Let the fun begin, we cannot wait! x


Did you know?

In Alabama it is illegal to carry an Ice Cream Cone in your back pocket.