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Day #36 of #80DaysUntilCamp: Columbus, Ohio

Day #36 of #80DaysUntilCamp! Today we are in Columbus, Ohio! Home of the Buckeyes!

Top: Columbus Ohio
Bottom Left: Ohio Theatre
Bottom Right: Ohio Stadium (The Horseshoe)

The home of Ohio Stadium (pictured), also known as the Horseshoe, this stadium is the third largest in America! With ‘THE’ Ohio State University Buckeyes playing there, this is definitely worth a visit! Even famous bands such as Metallica and the Rolling Stones have played at this iconic stadium! If you’re looking for more performances, make sure you hit up the Ohio Theatre (pictured) and catch a wide range of things. Including Musicals, Ballets, Operas, Lectures and more!!

If you’re feeling homesick, head to the German Village. Registered on the National Registry of Historic Places, this little piece of Europe will fulfil your cravings for all things German! Or Go back in time to the outdoor shopping complex, Easton! The main buildings and streets have been made to look like early American cities and towns from early to mid 20th century, with stores for everyone and a cinema complex with dine in movies and a variety of restaurants this is a great place to visit! Be a thrill seeker and go Grand Prix Driving at Grand Prix Carting! Don’t forget about the laser tag and puzzle rooms here though. Or if you’re looking for something quieter head to Kingmakers. A boardgamers dream there are over 500 board games and beverages for all ages, and its definitely worth a visit! πŸŽ²πŸˆπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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