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Day #35 of #80DaysUntilCamp: Concord, New Hampshire

Day #35 of #80DaysUntilCamp! Today we are in Concord, New Hampshire!

Top: Concord, New Hampshire
Bottom Left: Downtown Concord
Bottom Right: New Hampshire State Capitol

One of the main attractions from Concord is the Red River Theater. A community funded theatre, it took seven years to create and shows only Art House movies and local films, a nice change in culture from mainstream movies! Have a sweet treat at the Granite State Candy Shoppe who still use the same recipes and techniques they’ve used since 1927!

Make sure you visit the New Hampshire Capitol building (pictured)! Built in 1819 the building is the oldest state house in which the legislature still occupies its original chambers. When you’re ready to it,  find the Granite Resturaunt & Bar for an incredible fine dining experience, the Resturaunt has won many awards including  the ‘Wine Spectator’ multiple times. If fine dining isn’t quite your thing why not take a visit to The Draft Sports Bar & Grill! With fifteen 70″ HD TV’s and a wide range of classic American food and beer to relax with,  this is the place to unbutton your jeans and pig out! 🏛🐷🇺🇸

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