The Program

The AmeriCamp program is formed on key principles based on offering affordable costs and unrivalled salaries for each and every applicant. With thousands keen to sign up for the AmeriCamp program, the company has benefitted many aspiring travellers who take part in the program.

Our AmeriCamp representatives continually demonstrate a strong passion to deliver quality experiences for any participant on the AmeriCamp program; our consistently high application rates are indicative of the hard work of the staff who plan the AmeriCamp program; over the course of the last four years, we have celebrated an astounding 100% placement rate for our applicants. Moreover, the AmeriCamp program has been crowned Best Summer Camp Organisation for successive years by Save The Student.

Lauren's AmeriCamp Experience

For six consecutive years, AmeriCamp has been independently named 'Best Summer Camp Organisation' by Save the Student.

The 'Best Summer Camp Organisation' award is the biggest accolade in the Summer Camp industry and we work ever so hard to ensure we keep winning it.

We work hard to ensure that we consistently pay the highest salaries, offer the lowest costs and have a range of diverse flights available for our candidates, whilst offering excellent customer service.

Lauren is just one of the thousands of thrilled Campers to have took part in the AmeriCamp program!

AmeriCamp Work With 1000's of Camps All Across The US!

AmeriCamp Work With 1000's of Camps All Across The US!

Irrespective of where you’re #plACed for your AmeriCamp adventure, we guarantee that you’ll have a magical experience. Whether you’re in New York, Chicago or San Francisco, you’ll make a whole host of new friends, make incredible memories and enjoy an unrivalled Summer of a Lifetime!

Earn An Amazing Salary Of Up To $1850!

Earn An Amazing Salary Of Up To $1850!

As part of the AmeriCamp program, our applicants will receive a salary of up to $1850; this is based on how old you are and experience.

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