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Stage One – Applying!

While the application form may seem daunting at first glance, there is absolutely no need to worry!

The key to an effective application is to fill in the application with care; take your time and don’t compromise quality in your writing – remember, although you’re applying for an incredible Summer, this is still a job!

AmeriCamp Application Process – Stage 1 – Applying

First, you must rank your skills in order of experience stating with your strongest. Explain how you see yourself transferring your skill(s) into a Camp environment. If you have experience teaching this skill then great! Tell us about it, i.e. how long have you done it for? What level of skill are you at? Have you taught individuals or groups? If your skill is a sport, what level have you played and taught at? What ages were the children/participants? The more information you can include, the better.

Make sure you write a strong personal statement, this is your opportunity to tell Camp Directors and the AmeriCamp team exactly why you should go to Camp! Describe your personality, your strengths and any other attributes that would make you the ideal AmeriCamp candidate.


  • Once you are happy with your application, submit it and our crazy, but friendly, staff at AmeriCamp HQ will review it and then get in touch with you.
  • To make things as easy and as cost effective for you as possible, we can interview you via Skype.. unless you fancy a flight across the pond to our amazing AmeriCamp HQ in Manchester where you can meet our great office staff!
  • Your interviewer will take you through your application; highlight your strengths and make sure your skills are relevant to Camp. Your interviewer will then remain as your key contact throughout the application process and will help you with any questions you may have. After your interview, your interviewer may give you a list of recommendations to work on. In the meantime, they will write your interview report which will accompany your application.

Stage Two – Video, References, Camps Fairs and Transiting Your Application to the US Office

Once your interview report has been written and we have received your references, application video and €70 stage two fee, then it is time for your application to become ‘live’ and start circulating around to camp directors!

Be prepared for camp directors to get in touch; make sure you have a Skype account set up as they may wish to interview you further. Remember, you are applying for a job, so be friendly, professional and treat the camp director with respect.

Each year we have Camp fairs, where you can meet camp directors face-to-face and get yourself #plACed! If you want to try and be placed with a friend it is best to attend a camp fair and interview together.

Application Video

This is an essential part of your application; camp directors will not consider an application without one. Try and make your video creative, fun and (most importantly) ensure that it shows off the skills that you have outlined in your application form. We recommend that your video is between 1-2 minutes long, includes a brief introduction section then progresses onto your skills. You may also include a photo showreel. Title your video with your name and ‘AmeriCamp 2018’. If you prefer not to post it live on YouTube, then you can send us a private link or upload directly to your AmeriCamp application.


You will need a total of 3 references to complete your application and we have a reference forms available for you to use online.  Your references must come from a professional source so, for example, teachers, coaches and employers are all great examples! They cannot come from family or friends and must contain active contact details to enable us to verify the reference.

Stage Three – Placement and Visa

If you’ve reached this point, congratulations – you have been #plACed! The countdown to your Summer of a Lifetime can officially begin, and in the meantime here’s what to do next…

Pay the remaining placement fee within 2 weeks of securing your place, failure to do so may result in you losing your place. If you’re having problems give us a call, we are here to help!

Make sure your passport is in date and has at least 6 months validity on it AFTER your return date to your home country; ensure your personal details are written EXACTLY as they are stated on your passport – failure to do so WILL cause problems.

CRB Check

You must have a new CRB check carried out by AmeriCamp or gain a Garda Police Check (Republic of Ireland). We will inform you how to apply for this once you have been accepted by the US office.

Health Check

Make sure you see your GP to obtain a medical check; this is required to ensure you are completely covered by our visa sponsor’s insurance policy. If you have any outstanding medical problems please contact us directly for a range of options.

Embassy Appointment

You will be required to attend a face to face embassy appointment at your local office – please speak to the AmeriCamp Team to find out which one will be best for you!

Book Your Flights

We have a brilliant in house flight booking team that will give you a range of options for safely getting to Camp. We can secure your seat for a €99 deposit and also offer a range of flexible date tickets in case your plans change.


Make sure you are available to attend an AmeriCamp orientation – this is a Department of State requirement and you must attend in order to attend camp! Please contact [email protected] to ensure your name is down! (Or else you aren’t getting on that plane!)

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