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AmeriCamp Orientations

The AmeriCamp orientations will be on their way before you know it! Attendance at an orientation is compulsory, as it is a Department of State requirement and we want to make sure you are fully prepared for your Summer of a Lifetime!

Moreover, our orientations are informative, great fun and an opportunity for you to get to meet your fellow AmeriCampers!

This is the first part of the rest of your Summer and it is the perfect opportunity to start making friends as part of your AmeriCamp adventure.

The main purpose of a pre-departure AmeriCamp orientation is to make you fully aware of what the J1 exchange programme is about and what is expected of you, we also need to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your visa and it’s restrictions; we will also give you an idea of what to expect from life by doing AmeriCamp.

What is Involved in an AmeriCamp Orientation?

  • Comprehensive guide to the J1 visa and the cultural exchange process
  • Meet your fellow Camp counsellors
  • All of your questions answered
  • Hear first hand account of Camp life from previous AmeriCampers
  • Find out exactly what you have to do before departure
  • Claim your free AmeriCamp T-shirt
  • Find out about the AmeriCamp NYC After Party (not to be missed)
  • Have a chance to check out the items from the AmeriCamp Shop
  • Find out how to become an AmeriCamp blogger
  • Plenty of travelling ideas for your 30 days after Camp
  • Lots of fun and games
  • #FreeBiscuits

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