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Our AmeriCamp story and #FreeBiscuits Obsession

The AmeriCamp philosophy is based on our belief that applicants should be able to attend Camp and receive a salary that will allow them to enjoy an incredible post-Camp adventure to some of the most iconic locations in America – this is an essential chapter within our AmeriCamp story!

With global offices in Scotland, Dublin, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Australia, AmeriCamp continue to send thousands of Camp-hungry applicants for a Summer of a Lifetime; moreover, AmeriCamp also run AmeriCamp Canada, a sister-program presenting over 18s the incredible opportunity to partake in a Summer Camp in Canada.

AmeriCamp are the founding sister company of a whole host of Camp programs, each offering their own unique experience for applicants. Our global retreats such as Camp Thailand, Camp Maldives, Camp South Africa, Camp.co.uk, Camp Vietnam and Camp Cambodia attract over 2,000 people annually, with each providing an inspiring opportunity to provide education to underprivileged children in disadvantaged areas.

AmeriCamp founder Lee McAteer attended Summer Camp via an alternative company, and following a disappointing personal experience, set up AmeriCamp. After paying fees of more than £800, Lee was paid $550 for working at Camp; not only did this leave him out of pocket, but he also learned that his co-counselor had earned $1500, despite completing the same role. Therefore, the AmeriCamp philosophy focuses an emphasis low fees and a fair wage for the applicants.

It goes without saying: Everyone loves to indulge their sweet tooth and tuck into their favourite biscuit.

The founders found themselves planning the path for an awesome company that would eventually be christened ‘AmeriCamp’.

During their discussion, they opened a few packs of custard creams, sparking the now historic ‘Best Biscuit’ debate; when AmeriCamp was born, the owners thought it would be fitting to share their love of their favourite sweet treats, and so… #FreeBiscuits!

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