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Here at AmeriCamp, each member of our team are dedicated to ensuring that every member of our ever-growing family fulfils their dream of visiting the Land of Opportunity; we deliver the illusive American Dream, first-class.

AmeriCamp have been voted Best Summer Camp Organisation a stunning seven consecutive years by Save the Student, with our unrivalled salary of $1850 and low program fees proving to be a match made in heaven for applicants.

The structure of our program means that applicants are able to soar to the states with the reassurance that their accommodation, food and activities are all included throughout their time at Camp!

AmeriCamp HQ is the hub of all things Camp, as such, we have assembled a team of experts who have personally experienced the magic of Summer Camp; our staff have all worked in a range of roles including drama and dance specialists, horse riding instructors, lifeguards, soccer coaches and girl scout leaders, to name a select few!

With a wide variety of roles available at Camp, there is a role for everyone; if you’re struggling to decide what you’d like to apply for, we’d be more than happy to provide assistance with any questions to guide you towards a perfect AmeriCamp experience!

Why Do Our Campers Love AmeriCamp So Much?

We’re not just a Camp provider here at AmeriCamp – our participants and staff form a family atmosphere, bound together by core principles of fun, support and adventure!

We provide a strong support network for our applicants and staff to ensure that we continue to offer a Summer that will live long in the memory of every AmeriCamper!

AmeriCamp Have Been Crowned Best Summer Camp Organisation For Seven Consecutive Years!

AmeriCamp continue to win hoards of fans, with unmatched salaries, affordable costs and amazing customer service contributing to AmeriCamp being dubbed Best Summer Camp Organisation by Save the Student!

AmeriCamp Have #plACed 100%  Of Applicants!

We are proud that we have a perfect, 100% placement rate between 2015 and 2017 for applicants accepted onto the program!

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